• Photo of Christopher Wrigglesworth, Clearcut Sound Studios

    Christopher Wrigglesworth

    Managing Director


    Chris knows a lot when it comes to audio post production, first hand as a sound designer and since 2012 as the studio’s Managing Director.

    He was a key player in the structural change to Employee Ownership, and has since made it his mission to establish the company’s philosophy within its unique ownership model.

    His goal is to create a collaborative, ego-free environment which allows each and everyone to create their best work.

    Chris loves working with clients to build strong partnerships, believing that honesty and a passion for craft are crucial in doing so.

  • Photo of James Clark, Clearcut Sound Studios

    James Clark

    Senior Sound Designer


    James is our Senior Sound Designer and managing partner at Clearcut Sound Studios.

    James was also part of the original group entrusted with taking the company forward.

    You will have seen James’ work as he has worked with the UK’s best known and well-loved brands such as M&S, Compare the Market and Marmite as well as global broadcasters including the BBC, Netflix and Amazon.

    As Managing Partner, he is instrumental in the day-to-day running of the business and driving creative direction.

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  • Photo of Lindsay Grant, Clearcut Sound Studios

    Lindsay Grant

    Bookings Producer


    Lindsay is another one of our chiefs (aka company director) and audio producer extraordinaire.

    Another member of the OGs Lindsay is a true driving force within the production department.

    Lindsay is also a voiceover in her own right, and with 11+ years experience in audio post production at Clearcut Sound Studios, she’s a safe pair of hands for any brief, any shape or size.

    Whatever the schedule or complication, Lindsay will always do her best to help you at every step of the way.

  • Photo of Ed de Lacy, Clearcut Sound Studios

    Ed de Lacy

    Sound Designer


    Ed is one of our Sound Designers and also our in-house composer who looks after any music briefs that come in. With a passion for blurring the lines between sound design and music Ed is constantly looking for musical approaches to sound design and vice versa.

    As a pianist and drum and bass DJ/Producer (predominantly in a former, pre-parenthood life) Ed channels this musical know-how and technical experience into his every day work.

    Some recent highlights include Dr Who trails for the BBC, the latest Jaguar commercial and music composition for a long-standing Twinings campaign.

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  • Photo of Charlie Cooper, Clearcut Sound Studios

    Charlie Cooper

    Sound Engineer


    Charlie is one of our fine Sound Engineers who has now been with us for over 6 years.

    Talented beyond his years and a very affable chap, he quickly became a part of our furniture whilst fully embracing the employee ownership way of thinking.

    He enjoys working on all types of sound jobs and with the people that come with them. And his showreel speaks for itself. Recent work includes Cornetto, Radox, Women’s EURO’s and Lloyds.

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  • Photo of Dan Rimmer, Clearcut Sound Studios

    Dan Rimmer



    Dan joined the team early 2022, and as a fresh face in the audio industry, he’s taken to engineering with abject enthusiasm and drive.

    He’s hoping to couple his experience making colourful moves in the indie music scene with the wisdom of the team around him, and craft his own approach to sound design.

    When he’s not hunched over a computer blasting speakers, Dan likes being hunched over a piano blasting jazz…

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  • Photo of Sarah Payne, Clearcut Sound Studios

    Sarah Payne

    Junior Producer


    Sarah joined us in March 2020 so has had an unconventional start, but like they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger so now with nearly two years covid admin and remote session experience there’s nothing that’ll faze her.

    Clutching a degree in Film Production and passionate about audio post, she’s produced promos, short films and ads for our wonderful clients and independent creators.

    When not working, Sarah loves nothing more than diving into the world of films, TV and gaming. She sometimes goes outside but this is rare…

  • Photo of Tilly Hindler-Lowe, Clearcut Sound Studios

    Tilly Hindler-Lowe

    Production Assistant


    Tilly is our newest team member having joined in late 2021. Following in her family’s footsteps into the effervescent world of advertising, she has picked up the Clearcut vibe quickly.

    Driven by a career change from her degree in politics she has moved into audio post-production as an eager-to-learn cog in the well-oiled Clearcut Sound machine.


How can we help?

For more information and costs speak to Lindsay on +44 (0)20 7437 5225 or email lindsay@clearcutsound.com