Our services

– Creative sound design for TV, radio, cinema, mobile and online advertising, broadcast, trailers & podcasts.

– Licensed for 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound cinema mixing.

– Full Spatial Mixing for 360 & VR.

– Surround mixing for TV and Dolby E encoding/decoding.

– Voiceover and ADR Recording.

– UK & International ISDN Recording.

Source Connect & Telos Z/IP One links to UK &  International studios, and home-based Voiceovers.

– Remote session links via Zoom, Teams, Skype, Telephone & Nuendo VST Connect.

Music composition.

Music searches.

– SFX library including the most prestigious libraries and 25 years of field recording.

– Foley and location recording.

Remote Voice Over Recording

We have a raft of connection options for remote voice recordings. This includes Source Connect, Source Connect Now and the Telos Z/IP One which are essentially VOIP. The Zip One cleverly automatically adjusts to network environments to provide stable high quality recording. We have a CDQ Prima for trusted ISDN recordings.


We are Dolby Licensed for Commercials and deliver to both Pearl & Dean and DCM. We can also encode to Dolby E for broadcast delivery. For this we will require the metadata information which we will encode onto the files for accurate transmission at its final destination.


If you can’t make the session we are happy and ready to patch you in directly to Nuendo, our audio software. Zoom and Teams have become the norm, but we can call your mobile, landline or conference call through Skype if it suits you better.
We can also patch you in using Nuendo’s clever VST Connect app. Via your phone or tablet you can hear exactly what is going on in the session and communicate with the engineer.
For more information on this speak to Lindsay.


Nuendo’s ADR solution is excellent, custom built into the software for seamless recording, mixing and then delivery. We can overlay the script on screen to make it easier for the artist and use either swipe or countdown cues.


For a bespoke music option give us a brief and we will work with you to compose
the perfect 
track for your project.

Or of course we can complete a music search if you need something commercial or
from a production library. We can get a selection of tracks to you. Pick one or provide
feedback for more options. We have access to all music libraries so can work with
those that you know and are comfortable with.

How can we help?

For more information and costs speak to Lindsay on +44 (0)20 7437 5225 or email lindsay@clearcutsound.com