The Nu-age Normal

by Clearcut Sound

Following the introduction of the Nuage mixing console to Studio One, we are now excited to be able to offer the same technology across all three studios. 

Whilst not being able to use our studios as freely as we would wish in recent months, restricted working practices did allow us a less interrupted opportunity to carry out the background technical changes and upgrades.

Nuage allows us to expand the creativity and speed already afforded by our preferred audio platform Nuendo, which we have championed against the tide of Pro-Tool since 2008. 

The introduction of Nuage across the studios means audio is no longer routed around the facility via traditional audio cable but is transmitted digitally over ethernet via Dante technology. 

This now means all our audio routing is carried out via the click of a mouse which speeds up the process of connecting studio to studio, to remote voices, producers and creative teams or to one another as it allows our engineers to link any of our studios to any of our voice booths with ease. With this we can also efficiently create extra physical distance when recording multiple voices at the studios (a depressing technical benefit in 2020).

We are super proud of ourselves and these new developments and will happily chat effusively about them in the unlikely event of a request.

The Clearcut Sound Team


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