Spit Fire, Dream Higher

by Clearcut Sound

We’re excited to announce that Lucas recently completed all audio post for Spit Fire, Dream Higher, a 42 minute documentary directed by Felix Cooper that was born from a collaboration between Nike and Gurls Talk, an online community that provides a safe, judgement-free space where young women can talk about a wide range of issues such as mental health, education, depression, sexuality and self-care. Lucas completed sound not only for the film but also all social content. 

The brief was to bring the young women and their lives to life by crafting a sense of passion, community and warmth through the sound design and mix, complementing the film’s rich narrative.

The documentary is narrated by Adwoa Aboah, founder of Gurls Talk, and Nadia Nadim, striker for PSG, and it follows seven young women, Londiwe, Rose, Odette, Zerina, Kristina, Ikranur and Precious, who despite coming from all over the world and leading different lives, have one thing in common – their love for football. 

The aim is to show how football can be a driving force for empowerment to girls across the world and how happiness on the pitch can help girls overcome the obstacles they may face off the pitch. What it shows is the importance of sisterhood, community, family and support for young women everywhere. 

We are delighted to have been part of this project so please take the time to watch the documentary on your left.



Film by: Felix Cooper
Executive Producer: Sarah Pearson
Producer: Isla Gordon-Crozier
Director of Photography: Spike Morris
Music: Lachlan Munro
Edit Facilities: The Quarry
Production Company: SOMESUCH

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