Lexus Documentary Explores Takumi Craftmanship

by Christopher Wrigglesworth

Lexus, in collaboration with The & Partnership London, have created a documentary that looks at how human craftsmanship will survive in an increasingly AI powered world. The Japanese car maker does this by looking at the concept of Takumi, the highest level of artisan in Japan, and the reasoning that it takes 60,000 hours to become a master in your chosen skill. 

The 54 minute documentary, Takumi – A 60,000-hour story, for which the trailer can be seen to your left, looks at four Japanese artisans from the worlds of cooking, art, construction and ending with a craftsman at Lexus. The documentary fronts a larger project at, where short films of the artisans working are looped to create a film that if you were to sit down and watch it would run for 60,000 hours.

The short documentary, directed by Saville Production’s Clay Jetter, of Netflix’s Chef’s Table, was premiered at the DOC NYC film festival in New York and is due for release on Amazon Prime Video on March 19th.

All sound on the project, including the documentary sound design and mix, plus the loops used for the 60,000 online documentary, was completed by a huge team effort at Clearcut Sound, produced by Chris Wrigglesworth. Over the course of a month the film was split into 4 parts and James Clark, Ed de Lacy, Charlie Cooper and Lucas Trigg were responsible for dialogue editing, foley and sound design for their dedicated sections, before Ed de Lacy final mixed the film in 5.1 and stereo.

Given the content of the film and the style that it was shot and directed, it was paramount that the sound highlighted the subject matter and craftsmanship.

It was a real labour of love. It was not quite 60,000 hours but we approached it with the same intensity and passion, and we are extremely proud to finally see it released to the world.



Agency: The & Partnership London
Directed by Clay Jeter
Production Company: Saville Productions
Produced by Robert Maconick
Written by Dave Bedwood
Executive Producers: Andy Roberts, James Miller
Post Production: Big Buoy
Post Producer: Charlotte Shearsmith
Audio Post Production: Clearcut Sound Studios
Audio Producer: Christopher Wrigglesworth
Dubbing Mixer: Ed de Lacy
Sound Design: James Clark, Charlie Cooper, Lucas Trigg
Director of Photography: William Basanta
Edited by James Santos
Additional Editors: Matt Brady, Olly Stothert
Music composed and performed by Duncan Thum
Additional Music by Tyler Sabbag, Steve Gernes

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