Case Study: Samsung Galaxy S8

by Clearcut Sound

For the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S8, Projection Artworks were tasked with creating a projection and light show incorporating Tower Bridge and the Tower of London. The show was broadcast live simultaneously on ITV and Channel 4 as part of the #unboxyourphone campaign. Here Ed explains the brief and the execution.

The Idea:

We received a brief from Projection Artworks that combined their many talents from projection mapping to lighting and jumped at the chance to make the job as truly bespoke as possible. With a treatment that involved making Tower Bridge fall into the Thames and a laser show starting on the Tower of London and ending up on the banks of the river we knew we had to think laterally when it came to audio.

The Strategy:

To primarily create a piece of music that was truly timed out to the visuals. This gave the ad dynamics and impact that would have been difficult to achieve with library music alone. The music absolutely had to fit the magnitude of the idea so working in parallel with the agency we went through meticulous feedback rounds to get the track as big as possible.

The Execution:

A sense of energy and scale was achieved by bringing high octane synth sounds to the fore and incorporating the sound design thematically and stylistically so it was woven in with the music. This blurring of the two enhanced key hit points and gear changes in the visuals and made the pictures and music increasingly complement each other. Client feedback was easily implemented because the track could be picked apart and made to hit any point as pictures changed. This was all done in a very short turnaround of one week from first animatic to transmission.  



Client: Samsung  II  Campaign: Samsung Galaxy S8 #unboxyourphone  II  Agency: Projection Artworks  II Sound Design: Ed de Lacy  II  Music Composition: Ed de Lacy



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