Clearcut Sound Expands With Content Studio

by Clearcut Sound

Over the course of our time inhabiting the first floor of old 8-12 we have seen many things come and go. Combat trousers, Nokias and ridiculously massive computer monitors to name a few.

Well, we can now add our cherry red veneered office to that list, as it is no more. In the summer of 2016 we gutted the historic residence of our A4 files and folders and created a charming ISDN and content sound design studio. We have been road testing it since and are now pleased to announce its availability for bookings.

This smaller multi-functional room facilitates the increasing requirement for clients who need creative sound design on a tighter budget, targeting the increased amount of content that brands are now producing.

It caps a three year process of completely refurbishing our studios and client areas. Cosmetic changes were backed up with technology advances behind the scenes. Meters of patch leads were stripped out and replaced by a Dante ethernet network covering all studio and technical areas.

For more information on Studio 4 availability and rates, please speak to Lindsay.


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